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A Bit About Me...

Hey there! My name is Brenden and I'm an Automotive Sales and Leasing Consultant at Preston's Boulevard Ford Lincoln of Georgetown. I was born in Baltimore, MD and I've been living in Delaware since I was about three years old. I went through school in the Indian River School District, which is where I really discovered my passion for music and playing instruments. I started playing guitar at nine years old when my aunt got me my first guitar on my birthday. By the time 5th grade came around I was able to join the band program in school and started playing the tenor saxophone. I quickly became fascinated in playing and reading music. Once I started middle school I moved up to the baritone saxophone and started playing in the Millsboro Middle School Jazz Band. By the 8th grade I had started my first band with a group of friends and I actually had to teach them how to play their respective instruments. We made it work and that was some of the most fun I have ever had. We performed at our schools talent show that same year and that will forever be one of my fondest memories to look back on. Once high school started I began playing the guitar in the Sussex Central Knight Shift Jazz Band, and started learning audio production and engineering. I also started playing some shows at the Rehoboth Band Stand as well as some other local spots. In 2018 I released my first solo produced album titled "The Intronaut" featuring 10 tracks with a total playtime of 40 minutes and 49 seconds. Just before I got out of high school I joined up with the amazing instructors at Millsboro Music and began my career in music education. I was teaching guitar, saxophone, and audio production. By this point I was also attending Salisbury University getting a degree in Music Technology/Audio Engineering... to which I quickly dropped out as this is when the pandemic was just starting and all of my classes became virtual. Which for me, defeated the purpose of continuing my music education because my main desire for my degree was to meet people and to make connections along the way. I continued my career with Millsboro Music. In July of 2022 I met my beautiful girlfriend, Skye, who has been such an amazing partner right along side me in all of my endeavors. So much would not have been possible for me if it was not for her. Flash forward to February of 2023, I was presented an opportunity to work for the Preston Automotive Group and I said... no. Haha it's crazy to look back on that now, but I genuinely did not think that Automotive Sales was something for me. Now skip to June of 2023 and I was applying to the Preston CDJR of Millsboro haha! I went through a rigorous hiring process with 62 total applicants and I was one of eight individuals that made it through, and got a position at Preston's Boulevard Ford Lincoln of Georgetown - The same dealership where I was offered a position back in February! 

I've been having an absolute blast working with everyone here. I have never had so much fun coming into "work" every day. I have so much of the passion from my last career of being an educator tied into this new position. I love answering questions and seeing the smiles of my happy customers. I am so excited to see what the future brings for me and my family!


Thank you so much for reading and remember, Buy it From Brenden! 

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